my opinion on the possible secession of Catalonia (1 of 4)

by albertojaura

In Spanish.

An unauthorised self-determination referendum is going to be held in Catalonia on October the 1st, 2017 (tomorrow). Due to the insistent media coverage and social pressure, I am going to explain my opinion on this issue.

My opinion can be summarised in three points:

I am in favor of self-determination. I think any territory has a right to unilaterally secede from a state if so desires the majority of its population. I also think that the new state must assume the corresponding part of the national debt. Likewise, I also support that smaller regions secede from Catalonia, or remain in Spain, if the majority of their population so desires.

I am against celebrating this referendum ilegally. There are some ways of trying to hold a referendum through legal means, but the catalan government hasn’t explored them. For the sake of preserving the rule of law, government officials should consider breaking the law only as a last resort.

I am neutral with respect to independence. I am much more concerned with what states do, rather than with what are their frontiers.

In going to cover these points one by one in separate posts in the future.